About us

Established in 1993, aigo Digital Technology Co. Ltd (aigo) is a high tech company. Aigo is a consumer electronics and intelligent manufacturing company focusing on smart phones, smart hardware and IOT platforms.As a global manufacturer of smart devices, Aigo provides millions of smart devices, including computers, tablets, laptops,mini-pc,projectors and smartphones, to users around the world every year.Aigo currently has about 1900 employees in 17 subsidiaries and regional offices in Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, France and several R&D centers.With Aigo Digital Technology Co. Ltd at its core, aigo has developed into an IT enterprise dedicated to R&D and brand promotion. aigo's products include mobile storage devices, multi-media players, computer peripherals, data security, etc.

Aigo mobile storage devices have ranked No.1 in the market for 9 consecutive years. Aigo MP4 players have beat out all the competition and are now No. 1 in the market. In 2007, Aigo introduced the world's first MP5 player that can directly play RMVB files, this established a new standard in the field of portable media players. In the field of digital cameras, Aigo is the only existing Chinese brand.In 2007, Aigo independently developed the Aigopen, which was the official guide system for the International Olympic Museum's Travelling exhibition and highly praised by the IOC. Aigo is also the first Chinese hi-tech brand to cooperate with the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.In 2008 Olympic, Aigo is honorably selected as the language training service provider. Aigo President Mr. Feng Jun became the first torch bearer from the hi-tech industry to participate in the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay. On June 18th, 2009, Aigo officially cooperates with Manchester United and opens up a new era of the strategic cooperation between famous international brands.

Aigo's mission is to always adhere to making good products that are "moving and affordable", so that everyone in the world can enjoy the beautiful life brought by science and technology. The vision of "making friends with users and being the coolest company in the hearts of users" is driving us to strive for innovation, constantly pursue the ultimate products and efficiency, and achieve an Aigo that constantly creates a miracle of growth.